Gooden Refuses to Support Privacy Act



What is SB 6?  A bill that addresses the danger of exposing women and young girls in showers, restrooms, and locker rooms in places such as public schools and universities to men who claim a self-defined definition of gender. The bill does not force a state policy on private businesses, but prohibits local governments from passing ordinances forcing private businesses to adopt a transgender bathroom/ shower/locker room policy that would affect restrooms and private gyms, etc. For a fact sheet about SB 6, click here.  For refutation of TAB’s prediction of economic collapse if biological men are confined to male restrooms/showers/locker rooms, click here.


Where will the bill go? Instead of being sent to the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee (since this bill is about public safety), it will likely be sent to Rep. Byron Cook‘s (F-rated Republican) State Affairs Committee, where conservative bills go to die.


JoAnn Fleming
Grassroots America We the People


Here is the letter that Representative Gooden has refused to sign:




ALL representatives who refuse to sign this letter are following the lead of their Speaker, Joe Straus.  Whether they choose outright refusal, or avoidance until the clock runs out, either strategy damages its chances for passage equally.  By complying with Straus’s wishes, they are saying that they oppose public safety & common decency.


"I am very, very happy and proud to support Speaker Straus."  Rep. Lance Gooden

“I am very, very happy and proud to support Speaker Straus.”  Rep. Lance Gooden




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